Facilitate the planning and implementation of
health security preparedness

Strengthening IHR Capacities

This digital platform supports countries easily use existing assessments, benchmark recommendations and implementation tools to build IHR capacities for preparedness.

Review existing critical gaps

Review how the various pieces of the IHR M&E framework can be implemented to reinforce preparedness in your country.

Develop draft plans

Rapidly identify capacity building benchmark actions to support national priorities and NAPHS.

Find practical guidelines, toolkits and country examples

Use the Reference Library to to quickly access relevant tools and guidance that are linked with capacity building actions.

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IHR Capacity Building Stages

Assess capacity

Assessments such as JEE/SPAR to identify and evaluate a country's national preparedness capacities, identify risks and prioritize actions for capacity building to prevent, detect, and rapidly respond to public health and threats.

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